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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 8, 2013, 2:07 PM
More than a month without a journal? Let's fix this and spam people.
So I've been absent, perhaps you haven't even noticed which is good. Life is not what it used to be. Better? Worse? I couldn't really tell. It's different and it sometimes makes me want to puke, sometimes makes me want it to stay like that forever. Maybe that last thing's the pool and the turkish bath. Yeah, I bet it's that. 

I've been thinking of holding a halloweenish contest for a while and I hoped that, being october, I'd finally get it coming around, but heh. I'm kind of tied up with life. I can't remember the last time I was so... so... not stressed, but worn out. Maybe I'll leave it for christmas and melt it with my "make your own srs character contest" idea. That may work. Yeah. Yeah..... 

I hardly draw anymore, not even able to post Dark Dawn regularly. If you want to see the few doodles I spit from my dying being, follow my tumblr. They're seriously not worth putting here. They're just crappy instagram pictures. You could follow my instagram too. I'm leaglem there, and leadles in tumblr. Too tired to add links.

That being said, hope you'll enjoy halloween as this is probably my last journal in a good while. I hope I make it through the next months. 8D;

I'll try to draw more octopi. It's october anyway. Though, the eight (octo) month was august. What is wrong with the calendar. September (seven) is the ninth, november is the 11th. wth, people. wth. Learn to count and use prefixes accordingly.

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Watermelon is diuretic

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 4, 2013, 7:11 PM
Don't dare eat half a watermelon and still expect you can stay a whole hour without visiting the restroom. A friendly advise from an apparently stupid octopus.

Also, guys, I'm twitching in pure joy and fulfillment as I read through the comments you left in my last poll. I DID SOMETHING RIGHT? OH MY FLYING PANCAKES that must be a real miracle! ;u; You guys made me smile. I'm happy to know that most of you like what my doodling had become, even if I drifted away from the reason that you probably watched me for: badly drawn moe stuff~

I haven't replied because I sincerely have no words, and I'd rather stare at the comments in my inbox and giggle to myself like the demented invertebrate I am. Ask my mom, I'm so slouch you could say I lack a spinal chord.

Aaaah, I hope you're all having a fantastic week, at least a better week than me.
Remember the last drawing where I told you I had to do 150 drawings? I finished most of them but when I got to class I was told they were all wrong so I had to start from zero and I suddenly lost all my interest, and all the fucks I was going to give just... flew away. They buzzed out of the window and now I'm scarce of fucks to give. Sorry, teacher. 

I have been noticing dA is a lonelier place now. Is it just me? I miss the good old times where I could offer kiribans and stuff. My next kiriban will be when I reach a million views or something. That way I won't have to bother about it in the next... few years. And I miss livestreaming. I promise a livestreaming session soon. I'll die without one.

And most of all, I miss drawing for pleasure and having to do it as a homework. It sucks bad. bad bad bad. I may be the weird one that doesn't like it, but I certainly don't. Sigh. 

Wheee, a long journal in months! Do I get a badge? 

...See you guys around!

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  • Drinking: watercolors

Dark Dawn

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 18, 2013, 7:04 PM
Guess who became a featured author in MangaMagazine! Yeap, you're right! This Lea here did.
And thus, having people reading Dark Dawn in MM gives you (and me) some benefits!

1. If I manage to bring enough readers to the site, I may get some earnings! Earnings will mean an actual reason of weight to keep the comic going, as they mean more materials for my studies, investment in adds and supplies. Therefore, better quality in the pages when I switch to traditional, which I plan to do soon!

2. More readers mean more earnings which would mean more pages which mean more readers and so on. It's a cycle. More readers = more pages per week!

3. The stttoooorrrreee! Yes, they have a store! So I can upload items for sale and, when I get enough pages, even a Dark Dawn book! 

Okay I know I'm overreacting but I still think it's really cool so I'm letting you guys know.

For now, update schedule is sometime Wednesdays. In-between updates may come up, but Wednesday will always have its own page!

...I need a decent journal skin.

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  • Watching: Attack on Levi--- on titan, I mean.
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  • Drinking: Strawberry juice

24-ish hour notice

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 8, 2013, 9:29 PM
I'm doing a gallery clean up. Tomorrow I'll store and scrap all the deviations I don't like, or I don't feel like looking at anymore.
Not necessarily the oldest ones (I like to keep those up so I can see myself improving even if slightly), but the pointless ones. 

So, if you really like something I've submitted, this is the time for... I don't know. Looking at it for a last time? Saving it? Or... something....

I hold these clean ups every once in a while, and some other artists do too. I'm announcing it because, when I have an artist I like store stuff without notice I get sad that I can't see the work anymore and I wish I could have at least saved it to stare at it again. I doubt I'll get rid of anything you'll like to see again, but just being cautious. :>

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  • Eating: Eren's mom
  • Drinking: the souls of the innocent


Journal Entry: Thu Aug 1, 2013, 9:30 AM
I deleted all my notes again, accidentally.


I want to cry. 

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  • Reading: articles on ecophysiology
  • Watching: Breaking Bad
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  • Drinking: tears

Just think about it

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 18, 2013, 8:37 PM
I know it's not an exact analogy, but I came to realize that every time someone watches me, it's like you're in an expo and see my stand and like it enough to ask for my card or even give me your address to send you a new drawing every time I draw one. And I have more than 8,000 watchers. I know that like only 10% are active but still, that's like more than 8,000 people thinking "hey this is rad I wanna see more", and around a hundred seeing a work I post and thinking "hey this thing, I like this thing, it makes me feel something somehow so Imma add it to a collection to see it again sometime/to show the crazy person behind it that I liked it."

And man, that's pretty much the happiest thing I have ever achieved in my life. I didn't manage to make anyone around me happy except for my parents, because I was a nerd and I got good grades home, but my classmates kinda didn't like me much. So now that I think of it it's... like... man. It's so many people. And some even bother to tell me stuff, like, to talk to me, and that's the more intriguing thing ever because I know how hard it is to tell someone that you like stuff they made.

Just, like, after 13 hours of class and a coffee overdose, I think I start thinking about life and shit and I feel thankful and even though I'm not like any internet celebrity or whatever, I realize I would have never, ever, expected to create such impact around me. I'm startled and feel unworthy because I hardly ever have time to reply to comments anymore, even though I used to do it the first dA years... And of course because I draw for fun and I usually don't put that much effort to anything I draw and thus, people liking it despite my laziness is... unfair.

But whatever. I just want to thank you all for your support and your comments and favs and stalks, and I want to apologize for never having time to compensate all the undeserved love I get. Thank you. ;3;

Caffeined!Lea out.

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News News News 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 6, 2013, 11:52 AM
So long no talk! I hope everyone is doing just fine!

Meanwhile, in Lealand, there be trouble. :iconhiems-mansion:'s supergroup subscription has ran out and now it's plain and deviantGray. D: Noes! What a calamity! Also, I'm redoing Dark Dawn (that old crappy thing I did 2 years ago? yeah) and uploading it for everyone to read!

First issue first.
I have 201 points in my power (muwahaha) but that won't be enough, as I can recall it's about 5000 to upgrade the subscription.
I don't have time (nor tablet) for commissions right now so I'll relay on kind donations and pity-- I mean, yeah, only kind donations.

Eventually I'll feel really guilty and will end up drawing something as a big thank you... Till that time comes, I'll put up a donation pool in my profile so feel free to pass by and laugh at me--- I mean, and donate.

Dark Dawn! Remember that piece of crap I did when I drew half assed moe kyun anime with huge heads and disproportionate bodies? Oh wait I still do that. What I wanted to say is that I'm fixing the storyline and the art, hopefully, so it's not a pain to read. 

You can find it in Smackjeeves (that will be uploading slowly, a page per day or so so I don't run out of pages too fast) and in MangaMagazine, where I accidentally uploaded most available pages so whoops? I didn't know I couldn't schedule? Hehehee...
Thus, the first chapter is ready for you to read... 8D;

I'm also updating SRS! Same, until I run out of pages...

Srsthingy by Leaglem

"Run out of pages, you say?"
Well yeah. If you haven't guessed yet, I broke my tablet and I'm drawing in my sister's, which is like twice as big and my shoulder can't really handle it (I still try in my naivety, hoping that my muscles will grow stronger), so it's a matter of time that I end up uploading all the available pages before I can continue with more. 

I'm so broke so broke so broke ahaha And I'm still trapped in university. Who the heck chooses to study two things. Like, who. that's 10 frigging years worth of university. At least here where careers take 5 years each. The fuck, Lea. Whatever, I'm a good nerd and I love studying so debts, come! Be welcome, you blood suckers!

I'm looking for a programmer who's interested in a long-ish term business. Flash, HTML, stuff for android and whatnot. Not urgent but it'd be nice to know people who are interested~ 

That's all folks, see you next time I decide to show my face to the internet!

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srfsdghjgsdjfgj Thank you for the birthday wishes

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 1, 2013, 9:55 AM
;U; Thank you so much! It was surprising to find my page crowded with beautiful messages and even gifts! Right now I'm about to finish my semester and that's why I couldn't be here for my birthday and check out all the joy here. I'll check out all the lovely gifts and comments! >v< I think I'll also do a short livestream (cough not procrastinating) in some hours so we can chat and stuff. 

I spent my birthday watching Hannibal and playing piano, and yesterday I went to a necropsy. Guys, it's the coolest thing ever, cutting people open and taking out organs--- Okay I shut up. It smells like crap, though.

And I got the news that I'll need like $12k to continue studying what I want to, and I don't even know anymore and I don't think commissions will make it, and I don't want my parents to overdo it. I'm a little filthy worm nurturing on my progenitors' <s>blood</s> sweat. Any ideas? Would you buy artbooks made by me? Should I try and publish graphic novels by my own? Should I get one of those "donate" buttons? I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE. I don't want to live on people's work and charity... Why is nobody willing to pay for drawing classes in my city? ahahaa.... whyamIsolazy...

Again, you guys rule! Here are my gifts so far ;u;u;u;u;u;u;

Birthday Gift for Leaglem by KuroneDLC:thumb373635557:Phillip by stephaniescarletHBD Leaglem by CJsuxThe Badly-Sewn Flesh Plushie and the Scarecrow by ArtsyAicaInnocent Look - HBD Lea ! by KimidollP H I L by deni-maize

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I give up on messages

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 24, 2013, 9:49 PM
I give up on notes and comments. I've tried to reply to most but heck no, I can't and I'm sorry! Please, don't you ever think I'm in any way ignoring you or I'm too damn smug to reply to you! I just don't have time, and I proved that I can't cope with my offline world and messages all along. When I get home, I'd rather doodle a bit, and so that little while is used in my relaxation rather than replying to messages...

Yeah, I feel guilty about it but I'd certainly rather keep my sanity. Sorry, sorry, sorry!

And sorry for the Lorax spam ahahaa;;;;; ohgoshsorry... I'll go hide in my Lerkim a corner.

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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 7, 2013, 2:59 PM
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Journal Entry: Tue Apr 2, 2013, 1:43 PM
I'll color a piece already in process and perhaps paint something else if I finish. Wanna come and chat? Follow this link!

If you don't know what a Stream is, it's a site where you can watch my screen and see what I do in real time while we chat. It's also the only thing I get things done fast, tehe... :>

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Thank you!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 25, 2013, 11:52 AM
Thanks for all the watches, and favorites and beautiful comments that I haven't been able to reply! I'm sorry that my time is so limited, but I want you to know that I appreciate each and every one of them, and that they make me smile and keep trying to improve. Thanks, really!

For those who haven't seen it, I uploaded a base for the jumping icons so you can make your own! I've seen some already and they're lovely~
Jumping icon base by Leaglem

About me? Pretty much the same. Pulverizing bones to dust so we can take out genetic material for analysis. I've also worked in Code Hope, mostly on the story because I suck at programming. D: But the project will come out eventually, even if not part of Farway Studio, so wait for it! :>

Uh, how about I feature here some art? In your comment, leave the thumb (the number between ::s that appears just below the favorite link in each deviation) and I'll add them to the journal!

Love you, guys! :la:

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Update on life

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 10, 2013, 8:42 AM
Hi people!

I haven't been able to come much lately, so I apologize for unreplied comments (cough and notes cough). I'm still working on commissions, which should be ready for the end of this month (unless you have set an earlier deadline).

Just so you know, I'm working in a lab, a forensic genetics lab, and it's really cool so far. Most of us here are artist, but if any of you ever had that dream of going around in a white lab coat and gloves and protective glasses and stuff, and solving mysteries and getting the bad guy on jail, well, it's pretty much that. Dunno about you, but I daydreamed with that since high school. elementary, I wanted to be an astronomer, hohoho...

Whatever. Just to let you know my life is okay though unspeakably busy, so I won't come around as often, but I won't forget about you either. I hope you're doing awesome!

Cheers and hugs and all that pink stuff!

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  • Reading: Endometriosis articles
  • Watching: Jesse suffer---- I mean, Breaking Bad
  • Eating: Eggs
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Emergency Commissions

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 25, 2013, 7:41 PM
Commissions by Leaglem
Guys!!! I've come into a situation where I need funds urgently. I will open 3 slots per week so I can guarantee that the orders are delivered in time. Last time I took 45 slots and it was only this week that I finished the last one. That will not happen again.
(If for some reason you didn't receive a commission, note me. I have been having issues with notes since August, last year. D: ) 

It's commission time! I accept only Paypal. I won't use any other payment method, unless we can physically meet.
Prices below are both in US Dollars. 

Prices by Leaglem

Simple Shading

Fullbody $25  (additional character +$25)

Homura-chan by LeaglemPyjamas by LeaglemPhilzori by Leaglem
urumi by LeaglemSomething went wrong by LeaglemLady by Leaglem

Waist Up $20 (additional character +20)

Elements by LeaglemClowns by Leaglem

Digital Soft Shaded

Fullbody $38 (additional character +$32)
Lacuna by LeaglemFish ski by LeaglemDotsu by LeaglemLet's go by Leaglem

Waist Up $32 (additional character +$25)

Extracting poison by LeaglemID: Photosynthetic Octopus by LeaglemSutton by LeaglemWhy is my horn shining? by Leaglem

Chibi Style

$15 (additional character +$10)

There, a braid by LeaglemChibibibi by Leaglemhnngg? by Leaglem

Detailed Sketch

$15 (additional character +$10)

monochrome sunny day by LeaglemMusic forest by Leaglemshe carries a lamp by Leaglem

Traditional Full Color

Fullbody $30 (Additional character +$25)

Example to be added

Chibi/Half Body $15 (Additional character $10)

The Fuyuki Twins by LeaglemA leaf on your head by LeaglemTwo Hosts by Leaglem

Sketch Dump

I thought it could be a good idea to have a character in 5-10 different positions to show poses or expressions. Colored or not. For each fullbody quick sketch it'd be around $5. We can negotiate about the price. Maybe anyone's interested?

Mickey Sketches by Leaglem
This would be a $20 dump.

Howell Sketches by Leaglem
This would be around $10.

Other examples would be:
School Phildles by LeaglemBut he couldn't by LeaglemZawk Xiom by LeaglemDotsu Okon by LeaglemClassy Doodles by Leaglem

Additional Backgrounds

Note me, we'll talk about the price depending on complexity. It can vary from $10 to $40.

Hidden Lake by LeaglemThe Dragon in the Clouds by LeaglemJust a Dream by LeaglemCH: Teaser by Leaglem

Process by Leaglem

:bulletblue: Send me a note with the title Commission with the following information:

  • Name of your character.
  • Reference. Preferably drawn, else written, and with photography or internet look-alikes.
  • Type of commission (the ones above)
  • Pose suggestion (or something specific you want the character(s) to do
  • Deadline if you have one.
  • Paypal account if you're paying in dollars.

:bulletblue: I will reply telling you if I accept your commission, and will give you my paypal account.
:bulletblue: I will start after receiving payment, and you will see the sketch. Changes must be done there.
:bulletblue: After it's done, you will only be able to do minor changes. Not stuff like moving a whole limb, or changing an angle, please. D8

Draw by Leaglem

:bulletred: Mechas, complex robots.
:bulletred: Explicit stuff. 
:bulletred: This time I won't take animations or shimeji because they take up too much time. Sorry!
:bulletgreen: Please understand, I change my style constantly, and if you want a drawing in a specific style, please let me know with a reference to one of my deviations. Else, I'll just draw and have fun without actually caring for any style at all. Thank you!

Slots by Leaglem

(I felt really tempted do change that o for an u at some point)

Week from January 29th

Week February 5th (you won't have to pay yet)

Week February 12th (You won't have to pay yet)

If you can't commission me, could you spread the word? *A*

Happy new year!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 1, 2013, 9:05 AM
Hope you guys will have lots of goals and fun stuff to achieve this year. I'll make my own list when I come back in a week.
See you! ;U;

Merry Christmas!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 24, 2012, 6:14 PM
I hope you're enjoying the parties and having fun! Be it with your family and friends and on your own (the internet is a nice place to be on holidays, haha).

Updating on myself, I've been hell busy, but having the best times of my life. I never thought that what we call "real life" could be so blissful. It's like having a dream from long time ago and suddenly (well no, with work and effort and sweat and all of that) it becomes true, and you see it dawn before your eyes and your chest fills with a joy you cannot describe. So you just stare at it, speechless, and you can't stop smiling. You want to sing, and dance, and celebrate that you just grasped the future you wished, and never forget that dreams never die.

And the best part is that it's not going away despite the time, so every time you look at that fulfilled dream, you wonder if this is not a beautiful and cruel joke and if you won't wake up next morning, having to tell the people you're living the dream with something like "Hey, look, I had such a cool dream..."

So, Merry Christmas, people. I already got my gift, and I'm loving it.

PS: Sorry to all of you who I wanted to give a gift to (you probably don't know about my plans, so everyone reading this should just suppose I was going to give you a Xmas gift, so you feel good) because I just died online and I'm so sorry about that and I have no excuse and--- yeah, that... S-sorry. ;A;

  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: The Fuyuki Sisters playing piano and guitar
  • Reading: The Hitchhiker&#039;s Guide to the Galaxy
  • Watching: FMA brotherhood. Again.
  • Playing: Mario Kart~
  • Eating: Natilla y Buńuelo
  • Drinking: Pony Malta
When you're done, comment here with your assignment's link and the 
name of your student. No comment means no grade nor EXP awarded.

Wind by LeaglemPhil bust - OW by LeaglemWind by Leaglem

He slid into the room rather shyly and closed the door behind him. Facing to look at his students, he giggled nervously.

"Typhoons. They're... you know, they're moody", was his only explanation. Without further excusing, he stood behind his desk and straightened his back, coughing awkwardly to call for attention.

"Now now... I... Kind of lost all of your p-past assignments' reports." He waited for the general burst of outrage, and extended his arms to calm down the wildness. He turned part of the air in the room into water when he realized his pathetic gesturing wasn't taking them anywhere, and with now wet students, he cleared his throat. "I know where they are! Geez, calm down! They're in the Frozen Air Hall. One of the little storms of these days took them all there, and I realized I can't go on my own, so we'll do a joint assignment and you'll have your reports back. Should you fail, you'll have none of the grades.

Waterfall by LeaglemPhillip in pixels by LeaglemWaterfall by Leaglem

ELM 101 - Introduction to Elementalism

"The Hall of the Frozen Air is in the third level of this building. You get to it past a series of waterfalls and some lava running down the spiral staircase that leads to the entrance. Yours will be the first of the task. I need you to open the way (and keep it open) so the next bunch of students can pass through." He smiled, looking at the faces full of discontent. "Now, don't go thinking this will be an easy task. Along with the waterfalls and lava, some parts of the staircase may fall if you restrain the magic for too long, releasing boulders big enough to smash you. Aaaaand, don't forget the typhoons. They're crazy lately. I recommend you to find a partner to do this, as it will be as exciting as dangerous, and having only one element under your sleeve is not the most desirable case when the situation complicates."

[Ixora - ]
[Misha - ]
[Digger - ]
[Aramis - ]
[Cael  - ]
[John - ]
[Jack  - ]
[Markalika  - ] 
[Lilith - ]
[Dakoeda - ]
[Louise - ]
[King - ]
[Pandora - ]
[Hir Hir - ]

Paper by LeaglemPhillip in pixels by LeaglemPaper by Leaglem

ELM 102 - Elementalism in Literature

"There will be tons of papers flying around, and you're the ones to sort them, identifying the useless ones and the reports that you have to save. So, your task is to attract the assignments. You know, I'm no fool. I've enchanted them. I just HOPE you useless bookworms will try to do it, at least. Sigh..."

[Alex - ]
[Fionn - ]

Rockmonster by LeaglemPhillip in pixels by LeaglemRockmonster by Leaglem

ELM 103 - Practical Elementalism

"Okay, you guys have luck. This time I will provide you with something that shouldn't be left for students. Succeed or fail, it depends on you... But here, have a talisman. The twist is that you'll be having a talisman for a kind of elementalism magic you're not used to. Why so? Because I don't want firemancers with powerful fire talismans. I don't trust you, guys, hope you know that. Yet, the spell you cast with these will be powerful enough to help out the rest of you. You'll be in charge of getting rid of the rock monsters that guard the cliff. Rock monsters. Ask Rowen if you haven't heard of them. They're pretty fun to hang out with. 

[Ixora - ]
[Dion - ]
[Zabriel - ]
[Misha - ]
[Kousuke - ]
[Zenith - ]
[Elliot - ]
[Alex - ]
[Amorette - ]
[Jillian - ]
[Nikitus - ]
[Ilas - ]
[Cole - ]
[Spectra - ]
[Tergraenn -]
[Alan - ]
[Xi - ]

Lava by LeaglemPhillip in pixels by LeaglemLava by Leaglem

ELM 104 - Elementalism and Safety

"Well, your task is pretty obvious, isn't it? You go after the hurt ones and heal them. Yeap, you heal people. Remember, fire can stop bleeding, water and ice help with the swelling, air keeps a wound clean and earth helps scarring. You better find a way, because you'll probably get hurt yourselves, as you'll have to go the same way of the 103 people, the ones fighting the rock monsters. You can fight them too, if you're too excited about it. Just remember your main task is to heal."

[Jack - ]
[Amorette - ]
[Jillian - ]
[Kousuke - ] 
[Aramis - ]
[Tergraenn - ]
[Eli - ]

Fire by LeaglemLeaf by LeaglemCryst by LeaglemWater by Leaglem

ELM 201, 202, 203, 204

"For the ones taking more than one of these classes, your only assignments' grade will count for all. SO PUT SOME EFFORT INTO THIS, WILL YOU?" He laughed, enjoying the suffering of his students.

"No, okay, now for real. You're the ones to open the Gates, the ones who will come to the very end. Those will take you to the part of the Hall that gives it its name. When you less expect it, the air in the room can turn into ice, creating huge chunks that can fall in your heads. Your task is to collect as many paperwork as you can find flying around the room, or beneath the ice, or  just lying on the ground. There is no lava, or hurricanes, or landslides. Just icebergs appearing everywhere. Be careful, as one of them can just appear beside you and trap your arm or leg... or head." A grin grows in his face at the thought. "So, use what you have learned all along to stay alive and bring back those assignments for the literature nerdies, also known as ELM 102, to sort out. Go, people, go!"

[Rowen - ]
[Rym - ]
[Vega - ]
[Elliot - ]
[Asantu - ]

Wind by LeaglemPhil bust - OW by LeaglemWind by Leaglem

Note that this assignment may be done in groups or alone. That is up to you. If done in groups, the grade will be risen, probably. Collaborations, RPs accompanied by drawings, all of that counts as extra effort! Feel free to try anything and if you have doubts, ask below. 

When you're done, comment here with your assignment's link and the 
name of your student. No comment means no grade nor EXP awarded.

dA is messing with notes

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 11:12 AM
So, I got some notes today sent days ago. If you sent me a note and I haven't responded, send it again, please? I know I haven't been active lately, and that even if you resend the note I won't reply today (I have to go soon) but better tomorrow than never, huh?

See ya! have a nice week!


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  • Reading: It's over. I HAVE NO MORE ASOIAF BOOKS TO READ.
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The Armageddon

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 8, 2012, 9:52 PM
Wow, another year in dA already!

By this time of the year, I always hold a gallery clean up. I go back a year and see if I have improved. I usually hit myself against a wall and try to take my eye out of my skull. All past years have felt like a waste, drawing wise, so I end up scrapping half of my gallery, hence the apocalyptic reference of the title.

This year hasn't been any different. Actually, I feel like it started well! But I lost it midway. I don't even draw daily anymore. Those days when I submitted two drawings per day are long gone, and I couldn't feel worse about it.

At least, I've learned stuff since the past November. Unfortunately for my OCs, it has all mostly been people-wise. Drawing wise I still disappoint myself.

My goals for this upcoming dA year are:

  • Draw daily again.
  • Post more community oriented things.
  • Work on my personal projects again. Go check FarwayStudio to get a glimpse of what we'll be doing next year.
  • Keep a steady personal project (AKA, SRS) running for more than some days in a row.
  • Stay out of drama. It scares me.
  • Learn to show how much I care about people, 'cause I simply suck at that.

Memorable things of this year:

  • I RP'ed a freaking lot.
  • I worked a lot too.
  • I'm almost finished with both my careers, though that's just theory. Still a long way to go with the thesis.
  • I tried to improve and got into a style I kind of like...
  • ...Even if most people don't really like it that much.


  • I never finished writing one of my stories, which I was writing from January this year. Oh well, one day it'll be done.
  • I've been through some emotional pressure, which has led me to stop being myself at times.
  • I've felt that my refuge, the internet, is not a safe place for me anymore. I don't find relaxation when I come to dA...
  • Guilt has become a normal part of my life, so I don't even bother regretting about some things anymore, which is bad.

(I think all of the above is stated in a crooked order. But meh.)

More importantly, this year I've remembered how to dream. A phoenix and a dragon taught me I could fly. Thank you, you two. :dummy:

....... :shrug:

Do you have any suggestion for a poor idiot who's been suffering a horrid art block for months and hasn't been able to produce more than crap? *points at self* I'd really appreciate that.

So, leaving behind my own personal stuff, do you guys set up rules for the next year? Probably you do it in January, though, haha... I'm unconventional like this.